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2024, April 3

Work Item Visualization in Branches

Now, you can easily see the number of work items linked to each branch directly in the interface. This new feature includes an icon and a numerical indicator for a quick overview. Clicking on this icon reveals a detailed list of all associated user stories, with an option to click through to Azure DevOps for full details on any item. This enhancement is designed to streamline your planning and tracking process.

Flexible Environment Configuration in PowerMove

PowerMove users can now select the type of development environment for their branch, choosing between "Sandbox - Full Copy" for a comprehensive environment or "Development - Solution Only" for a more focused setup. Administrators have the ability to set a default choice under project settings, and all users will receive clear explanations of each option to make informed decisions.

Improved Connections Handling

We've addressed feedback regarding the behavior of connections, environments, and solutions within the application. Key improvements include fixing the endless spinning issue when a connection fails or doesn't execute, ensuring connections are visible immediately (at least by ID), and implementing visual cues (such as red text) to alert users when an ID lookup fails. These updates aim to enhance validation, response, and error handling for a smoother user experience.