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Prerequisites for PowerMove

Before implementing PowerMove, certain prerequisites must be met in both Azure DevOps and Power Platform environments. Here's a checklist to ensure your setup is ready for PowerMove.

Azure DevOps Prerequisites

  1. Microsoft Entra Integration: The Azure DevOps Organization must be connected with the same Microsoft Entra that is used by Power Platform.
  2. Project Setup:
    • The Azure DevOps Organization must have at least one Project dedicated to Power Platform development.
    • This Project should have at least one "Parallel Job" set up for efficient build and deployment processes.
  3. Extensions and Permissions:
    • Ensure the "Power Platform Build Tools" extension is installed in the Azure Organization.
    • The Azure DevOps Project must have a repository initialized, ready for code storage and version control.
    • The Build Service User in the Azure DevOps Project must have the 'Contribute' role on the repository, allowing necessary access and modification privileges.

Power Platform Prerequisites

  1. Environment Provisioning: All permanent Power Platform Environments intended for use must be provisioned in advance.
  2. Development Setup:
    • Each development environment should contain at least one unmanaged solution, facilitating the development and testing of customizations before their final deployment.